Antique Kitchen Utensils Wall Display – Best Ideas

Aantique kitchen utensils show will add charm to a rustic kitchen. Recent copper cooking utensils hanging from a pot rack over an island or hanging on the wall as art items will be one among the focal points in your kitchen style. You’ll be able to conjointly show vintage eating utensils on the wall during a shadow box; prepare them as a gaggle or in conjunction with different vintage kitchen parts like a homemade pot holder.

Unscrew one aspect of the shadow box. Take away the aspect piece. Slide the backboard from the box. Prepare vintage eating utensils on the felt lined backboard. Most backboards have dark felt; this may facilitate silver-colored utensils “pop.” If you’re using different sorts of metal, you’ll want to hide the backboard with cloth to decorate the show.

Aantique kitchen utensils
Aantique kitchen utensils

Cut connected sections of self-adhesive interlocking strips to suit the backside of the utensil handles and also the bodies. Cut the strips skinny enough so they’re not visible from the front of the show.

Peel the paper backing from one aspect of the sections and fix it to the rear of the utensil. Peel the paper backing from the alternative aspect of constant section and press the vintage utensil against the backboard. Repeat this step with all of the utensils you would like to show.

Slide the backboard back within the shadow box. Reattach the aspect piece of the shadow box. Suspend the box on the wall.
Rack show

Aantique kitchen utensils
Aantique kitchen utensils

Select a metal kitchen rack to coordinate with the antique kitchen utensils. As an example, copper racks work well with copper utensils however silver metal racks will create the copper utensils stand out a lot of.

Locate a minimum of one wall stud on the show wall. Attach the wall rack to the wall with screws and a screwdriver consistent with the manufacturer’s directions.

Arrange the antique kitchen utensils on the wall rack. Several cooking utensils have either a bent curve or a drilled hole at the top of the handle. Hook the bent handles onto the rack or use little “s” hooks to attach utensils with drilled holes to the show rack.

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