Best Tips to Install a Kitchen Cabinet Hinge

Installing a kitchen cabinet hinge is one in every of the best and most cheap comes in home repair. In precisely a brief time, you’ll be able to add a brand new set of kitchen cabinet hinge to your kitchen cabinets, giving them a contemporary new look and creating them easier to use. This project is sort of straightforward and the majorities are going to be able to complete it with satisfying results.

Follow This Instructions

Choose the situation where the kitchen cabinet hinge can get to be hooked up to the door. Hold one plate at a time against the within of the door and trace the precise define of the hinge with a pencil. Whether or not you employ exposed or hidden kitchen cabinet hinge, the doorplate can possibly be located on the backside of the door. Counting on the sort of kitchen cabinet hinge you selected, you will be attaching the opposite facet of the hinge to the outside of the cabinet or the inside.

kitchen cabinet hinge
kitchen cabinet hinge

Measure the space from the perimeters of the door to create certain all kitchen cabinet hinges are spaced equally. If the door is a smaller amount than two feet tall, place the kitchen cabinet hinge between two and five inches from the ends of the door. If the door is quite two feet tall, add a 3rd hinge to every door within the center.

Use a hammer and wood chisel to chip out the made public areas where the kitchen cabinet hinge can rest against the door. This can create the plates recessed and flush with the wood. Watch out to remain at intervals the traced lines and to not go any deeper than the thickness of the hinge plate.

With the areas chiseled out, place the kitchen cabinet hinge, one at a time, into the areas they belong in and gently drill guide holes through the holes within the hinge plate into the wood to create a simple spot to insert the screws into the door. Ensure the screws all matches and are long enough to separate the wood or protrude from the opposite facet. Insert the screws tightly into the holes to carry the hinge onto the door. Repeat these steps for each cabinet.

kitchen cabinet hinge
kitchen cabinet hinge

Ask a helper to carry the door in place where it fits into the cabinet gap properly. Whereas your helper holds the door, use the pencil to trace the precise defines of the hinge plate onto the cabinet. This step isn’t necessary if the kitchen cabinet hinges aren’t planning to be recessed.

Remove the doors and use the chisel to get rid of wood from the outlines as you probably did on the doors, being careful to remain at intervals the lines and cutting to the precise same depth because the hinge plate. Repeat for all doors and kitchen cabinet hinge.

Ask the helper to carry the doors in place once more and match the kitchen cabinet hinge into the right spots. Use the drill to make guide holes and then insert the screws tightly to carry the doors in place. When all of the kitchen cabinet hinges are hooked up to the cabinets, the project is complete.

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